Euregio Collective

Since 2016 i join this collective who involve German, Austrian, Swiss and Italian musician. Here is the beauty of all this cultures tighter where everyone can bring his own compositions and arrangements, sometimes played even with important special guest.

LIVE VIDEO feat. Mathias Schriefl

Euregio meets Neils Berg

Euregio quintet/from left: Valentin Shuster, Stefano Giordani, Ruth Goller, Siegmar Brecher, Marc Stucki
Euregio Collective (from left): Marc Stucki, Mirko Pedrotti, Lorenzo Sighel, Ruth Goller, Damian Dallatorre, Siegmar Brecher, Matteo Cuzzolin, Valentin Shutser, Stefano Giordani
Euregio @La Tenda

Euregio feat. Mathias Shriefl
Euregio feat. Nils Berg