STEF GIORDI [AcousticElectro GuitarSolo]

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Since I’m a teeneger i always had the curiosity to create. 

I mean since I’ve started playing I remember that I was always bringing tunes (at that time not written) to my bandmates. And that was the first experience to set up a tune with people but also set up tunes as a solo player or in small combo like duo/trio. This journey went on since I started my first studies in jazz which is a music that i have learned how to enjoy later in my studies and experiences. A significant turning point was the acoustic guitar, and all the world of particular techniques behind it.. but most of all the beauty of the writing in this style like one of my heroes, Tommy Emmanuel. After the discoveries of this magnificent instrument i had an idea to mix this sound with many others sounds like the electronic synth/pad/efx and the knowledge of the jazz music. From it was born “Stef Giordi & Connected”, a powerful mix which include also my background as a teenager rock guitarist (including sounds and idea that i had from such a bands as Incubus, Rage Against the machine, Jeff Buckley).

The interest of electronic music has been growth in this time and i had the chance to collaborate with dj’s on it (Luca Fronza, Daughters & Sons). Jazz was at the same time growing in me as a knowledge that i treat with passion and respect. In this field i had many opportunities to experiment my compositions and sound with different ensambles (Euregio) including my original trio project. Here it comes again my solo project who’s now a combinations of all of this experience and music that i like. So in my sound you will find elements of jazz, fingerstyle & electronic music.

I’m always careful to have a set list who has very different music worlds in it who spontaneously make people singing or clapping along. This solo means a lot to me, is the way to express my vision of music.