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Stefano taught guitar to our three kids while we were living in Italy. He was fantastic!! He had our kids choose the music to work on with him, so that they really enjoyed it and practiced it at home. Stefano has such a great attitude and love for music; always inspiring, always joyful. Our kids loved lessons with Stefano; it was one of the high points of their week. Also, instead of the typical “recital”, our daughter did a recording session with Stefano of some music they had arranged together. It was just wonderful; we treasure those recordings. We highly recommend Stefano to anyone whose child is interested in guitar. Stefano will help your kids to express their own love of music.
John Assad
Professor of Neurobiology
Harvard University


Stefano worked for MusicMaps instrumental teaching company for 5 months in 2017, teaching a wide range of students. Stefano brought energy and professionalism to his teaching as well as putting time and effort into providing flexible motivating lessons.

MusicMaps, December 2017


I would like to recommend Stefano for the position of guitar teacher. He has been teaching one-to-one guitar lessons with us in 2017. Stefano is a great music teacher, I am sure that he will be a great addition to your team. Stefano has a great relationship with both children and parents, he is on time and very reliable and organised. Stefano is punctual and very efficient.

I highly recommend Stefano to you and your organisation.”

Fireworks music school (London)


Stefano was the guitar teacher for my three children (age 15, 12, 12) during the time we lived in Italy. In a nutshell, Stefano was absolutely awesome! The kids had great time, they learned a lot and most of all, they developed a passion for the guitar. Stefano was able to make every class fun, entertaining and highly motivating. He is serious and very professional. Every parent is familiar with the kids sometimes refusing to go to class and so forth. This was never the case for Stefano’s class, they were always happy and willing to learn more. At the end of the year, Stefano did not plan for a “more traditional” recital, he instead had the kids record their own music, professionally in a recording studio (you can listen to my duaghter’s recordings here: https://soundcloud.com/rovergirl). We had to move back to Boston (US) in 2015 but we cherish his classes and fun times all the time! We just spent the entire Summer 2016 back in Rovereto, and tried not to miss Stefano’s concerts he played in town and out of town. We highly recommend him as a teacher both for kids as well as adults, you are going to have a blast with him!”



Stefano has a toolbox of teaching techniques that he puts to use differently depending on the learner. I have a little music background, so he skipped over some basics, and I expect he would do similarly with others who already play an instrument. But he also knows how to start with a total beginner. He remembers what it was like when he was learning, and that assists him in being super patient but also encouraging. It’s no surprise to find that a guitar teacher is also a cool guy, but Stefano is so friendly that it’s a real pleasure to see him for lessons, on top of the plearsue of learning guitar”



Stefano is a great and eclectic musician, but that’s not enough to make a great teacher. He’s also an enthusiast and positive person that really likes to transmit his passion for this amazing instrument, and this makes him a great teacher. One that will help you progress beyond your limits by giving you continuous support and methods to overcome the natural difficulties that you will find along your way”



Stefano is an amazing teacher! He takes the time to get know my music preferences. He helped me a lot to reach my goals and made me really passionate in guitar. His empathy is great and i always learned music that i can play. He definitely great to understand my level and how to improve it gradually. 5 stars teacher!



Stephano has been teaching my two boys for a while now he is an excellent teacher, very professional and confident, very friendly, the boys enjoys a lot his lessons and always looking forward for it.



I had Stefano as a guitar teacher when i was learning very hard stuff like scales, hard chords and harmony. I definitely thanks him to improve my skills in understanding the harmony and how to improvise on the fretboard. He definitely has a musical approach and everything become easier for this reason. He always encourage me to reach my goals and that’s what i’m doing right now. I’m definitely into music. You should contact him if you’re looking for any kind of improvement, thanks Stefano!



Five stars teacher!



Stefano is a wonderful resource, he is able to adapt his methods to suit individuals at their current skill level. He was very patient with me but managed to challenge me to challenge myself—could not really ask for more in a teacher! It was great working with him and I would recommend his services to anyone!



Excellent teacher, very patient, very positive. Stefano always quickly adapts to my goals which can vary dramatically from learning how to play songs in different genres up to how to read music and rhythms. We’ve started from the very basics with him and now went more into music theory because it’s interesting for me and he explains it really well without any boring stuff. He can pick up any song melody you want and transcribe it taking into account your level, breaking down complex things into simple pieces. He always provides valuable advice and he is very friendly and supportive which is the most important thing when learning something new. I enjoy my classes with him and on the one hand would definitely recommend him because I believe he’s the best teacher in the world but on the other hand would not share his contact with anyone else because when you find the best teacher you want to keep it to yourself :). Whatever your goals in guitar music are, I’m sure Stefano can help you achieve it. He also creates cool music.



Stefano is a very intuitive musician/teacher, who listens and analyses what the learner is hoping to learn from the lessons.  I’ve been playing and teaching the piano professionally for many years, so I have a strong music background.  Stefano has an ability to connect my knowledge in music with what’s required for me to move forward with learning to play the ukulele in a style I wish to play and to demystify lots of my ‘how?’ questions.  Each lesson ends with a big smile and positive feelings because I always make a new revelation thanks to him, followed by lots of fun stuff to work on.  Thank you, Stefano and I look forward to start learning the guitar at some point with you!



Stefano is a great teacher, lessons are always really fun, never a dull moment. He was able to convert any song into easy to follow ukulele tabs

Would definitely recommend him…..5 stars!




I’ve always dreamt of playing the guitar and at the same time it seem impossible, unachievable for me. But I took the first step of contacting Stefano, and he managed to break down this big problem for me – little by little, I was learning how to play entire songs. I found the lessons not only useful, but also very playful – he is reliable, professional, really friendly and warm. You never know what you are going to get choosing a new teacher for a completely new activity – Stefano seems to be the lucky ticket!



Stefano is a Fantastic guitar tutor !!!!  He was teaching my 8 years old daughter from the beginning  and I  could see an  improvement after every session.My daughter felt very comfortable with him and she is more confident now with her guitar and in other subjects . She was always looking forward to her lessons and was very sad when he left to Italy.

I would highly recommend Stefano.



I found your lessons really fun and your enthusiasm was fantastic.
I liked the structure of your lessons. We would have goals of what I was going to achieve. The goals that I  achieved were coloured green and goals I was working on were coloured red. I liked that you would take a video of what we learnt and email that to me. That was useful for practice.
I liked that you showed me some tips on how you personally practice.
You communicate clearly and you explain things in an easy way.

Thanks very much!



I really enjoyed learning with Stefano. He was enthusiastic and really passionate about different types of music. He not only helped me develop my technique and music vocabulary, but also helped me think more musically. He has a warm, friendly and patient approach, which will work for people of all ages.



Stefano is a fantastic guitar instructor as well as a incredibly talented musician. He has incredible enthusiasm with just the right amount of pushiness. I have no hesitation in recommending him!



I was taught guitar by Stefano for little over a year, he was very helpful and could sense when I was struggling, even if I was slightly embarrassed to show it. I learned several different songs, all of a wide variety of era and style, as well as improving old songs previous teachers taught me. It would definitely be fair to say that Stefano helped me improve my skills not only in guitar but composing too in the relatively short time he was my teacher. We built a friendly but professional relationship and I was very sorry to see him leave.

Julian Carandini