“Connected is one of the most new and fascinating project in contemporary music scene, and not only in Italy. Is music full of groove and appeal, that wants to push and explore new sounds in modern music territories “


“Ritengo che la musica del “Trio Connected” sia una delle proposte più nuove ed affascinanti del panorama musicale odierno e non solo in Italia.

Musica ricca di groove e di fascino, che rispecchia in pieno la ricerca di nuove frontiere in quel melting pot stilistico che è la musica contemporanea.”

Roberto Cipelli (Paolo Fresu Quintet, artistic director Nuoro jazz festival)

Connected, linked, joined: synonymous for close relationships between different elements. This first studio work of the group, leaded by the guitarist Stefano Giordani, gets its strength from the continuous change among compositive, rhythmical and timbral elements into music. Fat an furious rock riffs interchanges with relaxed atmospheres of tasteful electroacoustic ballads, where the trio pays its dues to the great six strings masters, resisting the temptation of imitation.

The game between tunes it’s also the game inside the tunes: the composition line is often a path across different metres and atmospheres, snapped from vamps coming from the rhythm section, samples, raises on patterns hurled by the acoustic guitar and instrument’s timbral manipulation.

The trio demonstrates a noticeable ability in overlapping different rhythmic levels which generate tension, as in Creative Cave, where the other Giordani’s, Matteo, proves great solidity and inventiveness on the drums, passing from complexes funk rhythms to extremely essential patterns as in Followers. The bass played by the tasteful Moretti is often the element which moves the focal point, supporting the guitar during the most scorching riffs and then allaying with the drums, building contrasting elements as in Daghe Contro.

Stefano Giordani, the youngest in group, demonstrates maturity in solos management: sharp and cutting or rarefied and distended,  they are able to find a right weight into the including context.

“Connected” is a record where we couldn’t hear heroic virtuoso-individuals but an excellent collective performance, where trio’s members are not bounded to predefined roles, aware of the consequences that this attitude will have into music’s variety and spaciousness.

Andrea – Guitarist, Trento (IT)

I listened to Stefano Giordani’s music and I was really impressed about the authenticity of his project. Songs really well composed, you can listen how his attention is always focus on create new ways to follow. It’s experimental and usable in the same time. Musician’s interplay makes the record be more interested and his guitar sounds really powerful to my hear. In my opinion, this is a record to listen!!!

Filippo – Guitarist, London